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At Lakeland Hearing Care, we believe in educating our patients about their hearing health and solutions for hearing loss. We are here to answer any of your hearing related questions. Below are some common questions our patients ask us. If you don’t see your questions answered below, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Symptoms of hearing loss include difficulty understanding what others are saying, asking people to repeat themselves, struggling to hear in crowded places, the perception that others are mumbling or not speaking clearly, listening to the television at a higher volume than others, or experiencing a ringing in the ears. The best way to know if you have hearing loss is by coming in for a hearing evaluation.

There are many factors that can cause hearing loss. The most common include aging, noise exposure, ear infections, excessive earwax, ear or head trauma, genetics, birth defects, benign growths or tumors, Meniere’s disease, and toxic medications.

Some types of hearing loss are preventable. Noise-induced hearing loss can be avoided by wearer proper hearing protection when you are exposed to occupational or recreational noise and turning down the volume on your music. To prevent other types of hearing loss, avoid sticking cotton swabs or other objects in your ears and schedule regular hearing exams.

Today’s hearing aids are incredibly small in size and come in a variety of colors to match your hair or skin tone. No one who even notice you are wearing hearing aids. People are more likely to notice if you are having a hard time hearing because you keep saying “What?”  or “Huh?”   

Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, is common. While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are management options that can greatly alleviate your perception of these phantom sounds. At Lakeland Hearing Care, we offer a number of tinnitus treatments to help you. From acoustic therapy to counseling to tinnitus masking hearing aids, our audiologists can help you manage tinnitus effectively.

While nothing will stop ringing in the ears completely, there are options for relief. Contact us for more information.

Cochlear implants are electronic devices that convert sound to digital signals that are sent to the brain, bypassing the damaged nerve cells, where they are translated as sound. Whereas hearing aids amplify sounds, cochlear implants enable the wearer to understand speech and speak more clearly. They help patients with severe or profound hearing loss who can’t benefit from hearing aids.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are portable amplifiers that may be used either in conjunction with hearing aids or cochlear implants. They separate speech from background noises, making it easier to follow conversations in certain environments where distance, competing distractions, or poor acoustics are factors.

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